Frisbee FreestyleBetween the different disc sports, Freestyle Frisbee it’s surely the most spectacular and creative one. Fantasy, ability, athletic skills and artistic elements melt down together to offer an original and acrobatic show, that incredibly amaze and involve the audience. The flexibility of this sport allow to practice indoor or outdoor, alone or together. And it often turn into real shows, TV performances, team building, workshops and entertainment activities.

Besides lots of tournaments all around the globe (included World and European Championships) there’s an international ranking, collecting all the players competing in official events. The jury is formed by other players and bases the ratings on execution, difficulty and artistic impression. Teams are usually of two athletes for Open, Mixed and Women Pairs categories and of three athletes for Co-op category. In some competitions there’s also the individual category.

During a show or a competition, the frisbee is thrown with lot of spin, making possible to hold it spinning on the fingernail, and then making tricks around the body, hitting it with hands and feet or rolling it along arms and back, creating a dance to the music, enriched by moves, jumps, somersaults and coordination.