Clay ColleràName
Claudio “Clay” Collerà

Current Italian, European and World Champion

3 times World Champion (current)
8 times European Champion
8 times Italian Champion (current)
Top level FIFD Trainer


Clay has been playing Freestyle Frisbee since 30 years, and he’s worldy recognized as one of the sport forerunners in Europe. Italian and European Champion since many years, he’s always looking for new successes, both in competition and shows. And in the last years he has become World Champion three times indeed!

His style, really unique and one of the most spectacular in the world, melt very dynamic and acrobatic moves together with high audience impact, turning every demonstration into a thrilling, amusing and captivating show.

He’s the frisbee “guru”, the one who founded Libera Società del Frisbee and “Paganello” in Rimini, performing then in tours, shows and tournaments all over the world. From Algida to Fanta, from Jeep to Sky, the products and the brands which had him as testimonial are really too many; as the TV appearences, from the famous Italian announcer Raffaella Carrà to MTV.