Manuel CesariName
Manuel Cesari

Current Italian and European Champion

3 times European Champion
6 times Italian Champion (current)
Top level FIFD Trainer


Manuel is the “crazy-head” of the team: a lot of energy, bravery and sympathy, increasing the value of his great Freestyle Frisbee skills. He’s got very good sport results in the last years, thanks to many Italian and European titles. His remarkable characteristics are for sure great coreographic skills, expressiveness and a unique intensity.

He also has big experiece: in his carreer he starred in many many shows, tours, demos and TV appearences around the world. Together with excellent competences and passion in teaching, put into practice in a lot of courses and workshops for children, youngsters and adults.

But his “crazy head” doesn’t have to make us forget his uncommon organization skills: he has been founder and president of Bologna association since many years and he has been organizing sport and entertainment events as well.