Acrobatic Frisbee Team athletes are Italian, European and World Freestyle Frisbee Champions. Besides being part of Italian National Team and being Official Federal Instructors of maximum level.

And more: thanks to their experience and professionalism regarding shows, events and entertainement, they got important successes as many different TV shows, TV commercials and music videoclips (even for Cornetto Algida), that you can all find here.

They were also starring in many other National TV appearences for:

Besides many other National foreign TVs (Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, USA, Turkey, etc.) and local channels.

They also performed (and still perform) entertainment and shows together with big Italian and International brands and companies as:

And their Freestyle Frisbee skills touched also big parks, shop centers, touristic villages and events (of international significance) as:

And many others all around the world…

And we can’t forget about the organization of big sport and show events. Every Easter there’s the famous “Paganello” in Rimini, the biggest frisbee event in the world: 1500 players, 25 different countries, 5 continents, thousands of spectators, concerts, shows, parties. Or the awesome FPA Worlds 2012 in Riccione. Besides the experience in manufacturing custom Made in Italy discs. And then there are the activities as Federal Trainers (maximum level) and the institutional positions in Italian Federation and Freestyle Player Association.

And then:

  • Workshops, playshops, clinics and classes, for children and not
  • Counselling, for sport and show events
  • Besides entertainment, parties, fairs, discos, team game and team building, guerrilla marketing, promotion and much more…